Terms of service

EpikHost, its affiliates and their successors and assigns (collectively referred to as “EpikHost”) makes available the VPS and related services described in EpikHost’s published service descriptions subject to these Terms of Service (the "TOS") .

For the purposes of the TOS, the word "you" means the individual requesting one or more services provided by EpikHost.

Acceptance of terms

Please make sure to read the terms of service carefully. By using our services, You instantly agree to our terms of service.

You represent and warrant to EpikHost that your use of any service that it provides will not violate any applicable law or regulation in the province, state, territory or country in which you reside or any used game/app’s tos or any rules specified. If you are unable or not willing to do so, do not request services from EpikHost

Your information


EpikHost reserves the right to communicate with you regarding the Services and your use of the Site. You consent to EpikHost’s use of any contact information that you provide to EpikHost in doing so.


If you are given a username and/or a password for the purpose of accessing certain features of the Services or certain features of the Site/Panel, you are responsible for all activities conducted under that username or password, and you will take all necessary steps to ensure that no one other than you uses that username or password and that password is kept confidential. If you have any reason to believe that any password assigned to you has become known to or been used by any other person, you will inform EpikHost immediately.

Changing Password

EpikHost may, at any time, change any username or password assigned by EpikHost to you, and EpikHost will notify you when it does so.


Client shall maintain, at its sole cost, insurance against such risks and in such amounts that could reasonably be expected by persons acting prudently and engaged in similar activities as Client.

Epikhost reserve the right to terminate your account or server at anytime if any malicious activity or TOS breaking activity is detected during a search. If your account is terminated. You are not allowed to create any more servers however you can appeal this by contacting us through our ‘Discord’ server. If your server is terminated, you are free to create another as long as you do not violate any more TOS..

Alternate Accounts

"Alts" / Alternative Accounts are strictly prohibited from being used to benefit off of other's loss (E.G. Getting a server made for an alt).

Any alts detected will be immidiately banned and users should report alts when detected

Your files

EpikHost reserve the right to view files that you have uploaded to the service at any time if you are suspected of using the server for malicious activities such as violating discord’s TOS or any of our previously stated TOS.

You take full legal responsibility for anything that you are hosting using our service. We reserve the right to alert the authorities to anything illegal being hosted on our service and give them your information.


We hope you enjoy your stay with EpikHost. Feel free to create a ticket if there is anything here that you do not understand or wish to know more about! :)

By creating a 'server' here at EpikHost, you are legally required to follow these TOS. Any instances where they are broken could result in legal action being taken against you.